A Community Presentation for the development proposal on the Boething Treeland site will be held at El Camino Real Charter High School on a date to be determined in Anderson Hall, at the rear of the ECRHS main building. The meeting is being conducted by the PLUM (Planning, Land Use and Mobility) Committee of the Woodland Hills-Warner Center Neighborhood Council.

Brad Rosenheim, the Applicant’s representative, will make a presentation of the development plans, provide background information, discuss the General Plan and Community Plan guidelines in relation to the project, and discuss the process for the application. Following his presentation, Mr. Rosenheim will first answer questions from the PLUM and NC members, and then take questions from the audience. Following the Q&A period, the audience will be allowed to air any comments and requests under the City’s 2-minute limitation guideline. If time allows, additional comments will be permitted.

Since this project is in its very initial stages, a significant amount of technical information may not be available for this meeting. However, the PLUM Committee will be holding a number of additional meetings over the following months with each hearing focused on a specific topic(s) like traffic, parking, entry/exit points, and on individual segments of the proposal (Eldercare facility, estate homes, Garden Homes, etc.).

Click here for meeting agenda.