Woodland Hills Impact Planning


  • City Wide Ordinances/Issues
This committee concentrates on researching and preparing reports and proposed policies for the full WHWCNC Board regarding ordinances and issues that effect land use.
They also draft Community Impact Statements for consideration by the board.
Dennis DiBiase, Co-Chair
August Steurer, Co-Chair
  • Joyce Fletcher
  • Martin Lipkin
  • Pat Patton
  • Sean McCarthy
2017 WHIP
March whip_2017-03-09.pdf - March 9, 2017 whip_2017-03-23.pdf - March 23, 2017
June whip_2017-06-22.pdf - June 22, 2017
September whip_2017-09-28.pdf - September 28, 2017

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Dennis DiBiase

Dennis DiBiase


Email: d.dibias@whcouncil.org

August Steurer

August Steurer


Email: a.steurer@whcouncil.org

Guiding Principles

This committee also attends jurisdictional public hearings, keeping abreast of notifications and formal updates from appropriate agencies and keeping open communication with other Neighborhood Councils to take advantage of joint policy making where appropriate.


This committee researches and prepares reports related to existing and proposed City, State and Federal ordinances that affect the land use, transportation and other related topics in our community.

Recent News

Proposed Commercial Cannabis Signage Ordinance

From the Los Angeles Department of City Planning regarding Commercial Cannabis Signage Dear Stakeholders, The Department of City Planning has released the proposed Commercial Cannabis Signage Ordinance, which would establish restrictions on advertising of cannabis and...

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Participate In The Development of The New Community Plan

The City Planners will provide a comprehensive presentation on June 14th at the WHWCNC Monthly Board Meeting of the Plan and how it could affect
Woodland Hills neighborhoods, commercial areas, zoning and other related factors.
There will be a question and answer period so the Planners can receive
comments and questions from the
NC Board/Stakeholders and provide answers and updates.

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