Community Services Committee

  • Community Projects
  • City Services
  • Community Relations
  • Environmental Initiatives
The mission of the Community Services Committee is to foster community improvement and collaboration on projects.
The committee works to foster a sense of community and evaluates neighborhood strengths and needs.
They also work to assist and empower all stakeholders and business owners to obtain services that the City and County of Los Angeles provide.



Joyce Fletcher, Co-Chair
Mercy Alpert, Co-Chair
  • Peter Fletcher
  • Nancy McLean
  • Marie Pierre
  • Richard Hollander
  • Pat Patton
  • Linda Kouy-Ghadosh
  • Dianne Walton
  • Al Saur
  • Karen DiBiase
  • Ray Cole
  • Kelley Del Valle
  • Cameron Gil

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Mercy Alpert

Mercy Alpert



Joyce Fletcher

Joyce Fletcher



Community Involvement

Another mission of the Community Services Committee is to brainstorm and implement ideas to encourage greater community involvement.

Community Pride

The commmittee works to beautify, improve and instill community pride and to encourage community based problem solving.

Recent News

West Valley Job Fair

Free Food and Raffle

Paid Job Training

Meet Local Employers

Business Clothing Raffle

Resume Assistance

Interview Tips

Rose Goldwater Community Center

21710 Vanowen Street, Canoga Park

Corner of Vanowen and Victory

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