Provides financial control

Budget Committee

The committee recommends a budget to the WHWCNC Board of Directors. It recommends financial controls and authorization levels for expenditures. They review actual expenditures versus the budget and make recommendations for budget revisions when appropriate.
  • Annual Budget
  • Expenditures
  • NC Inventory
  • Grants

They also review compliance of the Neighborhood Council with Los Angeles City and DONE (Department of Neighborhood Empowerment) policies and procedures.

Budget Committee meetings are open to all Board Members and Stakeholders and attendance is highly encouraged.

Heath Kline, Chair
  • Officers of the Board
  • Committee Chairs
  • Richard Hollander
  • Don Patterson


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Heather Kline

Heather Kline



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Guiding Principles

The Budget Committee also reviews and insures that expenditures are in line with the purposes of the Neighborhood Council, as provided in its Bylaws.


Its membership is limited to the Officers of the NC and the Chairs of the Committees.

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