Committee chairs and members are appointed by the Chair and serve at the pleasure of the chair.

Upon consultation with the executive officers of the council the chair typically selects the directors, committee chairs and members of the committees based on a combination of factors including: seeking a balanced representation from geographical areas, expertise and demonstration of commitment to work hard at the tasks of the committee.

New Committees are created following each election and/or adjusted as deemed necessary by the Board Chair in consultation with the Committee Chairs throughout the elected term.

Within each Committee Group there are:

1. Standing Committees – meet on a regular basis, generally 1-2 times/month
2. Ad Hoc Committees – made active only when there is a need within the community to study a particular issue of interest for a limited time period.

Please note: All Board Members are required to actively participate in at least one committee. Board Members are encouraged to participate in multiple efforts enabling the Neighborhood Council to operate at its highest potential. Committees may include non-council stakeholders.

Our Committees


The Planning, Land Use and Mobility Committee focuses on the broad variety of planning issues. The Committee facilitates and provides a forum….


This Committee concentrates on researching and preparing reports and proposed policies for the full WHWCNC Board related to existing and proposed City, State and Federal ordinances that affect the land use…

Public Safety

The Committee operates to improve the overall safety and health of the community.

Community Outreach

The role of the Community Outreach Committee is to inform the public about the WHWC Neighborhood Council.


This Committee undertakes comprehensive evaluation of the organization’s Bylaws and Operating Procedures.


Recommends a Budget to the WHWCNC Board of Directors and recommends financial controls and authorization levels for expenditures.

Community Services

The mission of this committee is to foster community improvement and collaboration on projects


Responsible for addressing the issues, concerns, programs and services related to the education of children, youth, and adults


This group is intended to address the issues related to the environment associated with development proposals…


Encourages community involvement in projects related to the improvement and maintenance of our streets, parkways, parks, sidewalks, landscape and the general aesthetic of our neighborhoods.

Animal Services

This is a new Committee and the mission will be determined by the Committee during its first few meetings.

Ad Hoc Committees

Special efforts that require the temporary formations of a Committee are often required to achieve the goals of the Neighborhood Council.