About Us

About Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council

The Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council is an official elected advisory body to the City of Los Angeles representing the stakeholders of the Woodland Hills and Warner Center neighborhoods. Stakeholders are those who live, work, own property or participate in community organizations within the boundaries of these areas. The NC is responsible for creating community, improving the quality of life in the neighborhood, ensuring the delivery of City services and educating the stakeholders on how to better participate in City government. Click here to locate your representatives.

Created By The City Charter

In 1999, a group of community activists and forward-thinking City of Los Angeles officials started collaborating together on a way to bridge the gap. What developed over the next two years through community input and a new voter-passed City Charter, was a system of local “Neighborhood Councils” (“NC’s”).

The NC’s are an advisory group of Representatives, elected by local communities within the City of Los Angeles to represent the views of those communities. Their missions are, to a large extent, what the directors decide it is. They are allocated a small budget that they can spend on various projects, although they serve without pay or other compensation. Their impact ultimately is what we make it. The NC’s are, after all, a reflection of “us.”

Making a Difference in the Community

The roles undertaken by NC’s have ranged from small beautification projects to changes in the design and impact requirements imposed on City approval of multi-million dollar construction projects impacting our local communities. NC’s have also worked with City departments to help ensure that City services are being delivered in a manner responsive to the community’s needs, such as helping to get neglected streets paved, and helping to solve local traffic safety problems. One of the most important roles NC’s play is providing citizen oversight of City services like the DWP. Thanks to NC’s, your water and electricity rates are much lower today than what had been proposed. Whether our NC’s continue to serve our local interests with a voice that cannot be drowned out by paid lobbyists and special interest groups depends upon our collective willingness to participate. Don’t expect your neighbors to do it. Get your neighbors to do it with you. If you think you have a contribution to make, here is a forum in which to make it.

Your Suggestions Are Important

If you have other suggestions for how the NC’s can make a difference, that’s one more reason for you to get involved.

I urge you to participate with your NC on as many levels as you can and are inspired to, and at least the last two mentioned here-voting and keeping connected. They are easy, yet meaningful things to do.

The first step is to open up a communication channel.

Click here to connect with us. Our web registration is a way for you to provide contact information to the NC. The information is not used to sell you stuff, but to enable the NC to keep you abreast of what is going on, and eventually to provide a way for you to keep the NC apprised of your thoughts and opinions on various issues.

Help make Los Angeles City democracy work. Get involved with your NC, and vote!